Whm disk usage not updating

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VPS accounts will only show two partitions: '/dev/vda1' is your virtual disk space (total available space on the server) and '/usr/tmp DSK' is your temporary system folder that stores temp files and is auto-cleared regularly.

Follow this process and check in here from time to time to stay apprised of how much space you have left.

In most cases running “/scripts/fixquotas” should fix the problem but sometimes it won’t help at all and will throw you an error “quotacheck: Cannot find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option“.

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If you are getting this error and you are not on a VPS or a Dedicated server, you will need to contact tech support to have our systems support check the server disk space.You may want to consider warning your users ahead of time that backups will automatically be removed from the server after a certain period of time or on certain dates.You can mass-delete all user c Panel backups on the server with this command via SSH: Similarly to above, if you’re using the c Panel Backup System and are storing your backups locally on the server, you could be using twice as much space as you need to.Checking disk usage can also be a great tool for catching errors.A sudden jump in disk usage can indicate a bloated error log that needs investigating, for instance.

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