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All public records must be open for inspection unless the records are exempted by one or more of the twelve exemptions found in the Act which include public records that are prohibited from disclosure by State or Federal law.

There are 120 counties in Kentucky but also has 39 independent cities that are not part of any county and deal directly with the state government, giving that state 134 county level administrative units.

Sedita III told The Buffalo News that "this is the worst form of domestic violence possible," and Khalid Qazi, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of Western New York, told the New York Post that Islam forbids such domestic violence.

While Muslim advocacy organizations argue that honor killings are a misnomer stigmatizing Muslims for what is simply domestic violence, a problem that has nothing to do with religion, Phyllis Chesler, who just completed a study of more than 50 instances of North American honor killings, says the evidence suggests otherwise.

Marriage Records Marriage records are an extremely important piece of public documentation.

The victims of honor killings are largely teenage daughters or young women.

Unlike ordinary domestic violence, honor killings often involve multiple family members as perpetrators.

Gather interesting facts, figures and statistics about the people and history of Kentucky.

Link to the county sites to find information on the how their governing bodies operate and services they offer.

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