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Since its founding in 1973 Undugu has deliberately worked to develop an organizational philosophy that defines its shared beliefs and behavior which in turn shapes and sustains the organization’s culture and its unique way of doing things.

The organization’s philosophy is articulated in the Vision, Mission and Value Statements, which all offer guidance on how the organization interacts internally,with those it serves and with its partners.

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Nothing comes close to explaining how close the race for the presidency is than the public plea by opposition leader Raila Odinga to his supporters to hold off having sex until after the election.Eliminate the sarcasm with which we have tried to poison you in the previous paragraphs and examine your heart to see if you have enough generosity to love several people at once without conflict. Let’s talk about your partner, a couple who will also have a heart as big and generous as yours that will fit many more people besides you. Perhaps before beginning the polyamory practices it is best to skip the barriers one by one.The first step may be to try an open relationship where there is no sexual exclusivity. And we have long recognized that the traditional concept of relationship is obsolete and does not help us, judging by the large number of ruptures that we accumulate in our history. If you think that monogamy is not viable, if you have already put the horns to all the boyfriends you have had, if your relationships have ended better or worse, but finished after all, maybe you are not made for the relationship conventional.That is why we are looking at polyamory and all its variants. But beware, because that does not mean that you are made for polyamory. doctrine, philosophy of life, attitude, vital proposal …

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