Dating strong women

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Does your girlfriend make a fuss every time you do something for her? An independent woman is someone who knows what she wants, and never relies on anyone to finish the job for her.

Is she the type who doesn’t like it when you play the dominant male in a relationship? She is a formidable person who doesn’t allow the men in her life to take over her decisions.

The most common question I am asked by this group of single women is this, “Why do men say they find strong independent women attractive but when they get it they don’t want it?

” Well, what many strong single women who are independent don’t realize is that men either through not knowing it yet or through not completing their thought leave out that they are seeking someone who is not only strong and independent but also is willing to be a vulnerable, soft and loving companion.

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Many guys feel very threatened by a woman’s strength.

Recently while attending a social event in Minneapolis, MN I was punched in the face with a reminder that “strong” single women can be their own worse enemy.

This is not a new notion for me as I am hired by strong, successful single women every week to assist them in getting out of their own way.

She’s tough, but that’s only because she knows it’s the only way she can make a mark in this world.

She won’t settle for being carried on someone’s back, if she can crawl or use her teeth to get to the finish line.

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