Dating quench up

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I just seen this in a store recently and was wondering if you guys know much about it?

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Use Default Style Sheet = false; signupformo_onload. Acquisition Code = "PENGUINTEEN_WEBSITE_STATIC_ONGOING"; signupformo_onload. Check out these local favorites for some awesome ideas. Food Truck Friday The first ingredient to every good date is great food and there's no better place to accomplish this than Food Truck Friday.Located in the heart of historic South End, FTF takes place at Sycamore Brewing where various food trucks encircle the land and host the week's best hang out in Charlotte.It's all talk but you never get to get your chance on the field, "put me in coach!"[/caption]This one kind of reminds me of how Beyonce pats down her glowing, sweaty face during a concert with a towel to hand it to adoring fans below who will cherish that sweat-stained towel for eternity.

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